Grading Chart

JLBs Unbuttoned Grading Chart for pre-owned clothes

NWT or New With Tags

  • As it says, these are garments that still have the manufacturers tags attached to the piece.  The garment may have been acquired from someones closet that simply never wore the item after they purchased it, or, the item has been acquired from a retailer or wholesaler.

Grade 1

  • A piece that presents as "New" but without any manufacturers tags.  The piece may have been worn, but likely not.  The fabric is crisp, clean and without any flaws or damage.  A Grade 1 piece presents as new, like you just brought it home from the store.

Grade 2

  • A piece that shows some minor wear and washing.  It has obviously been worn and used, but sparingly.  There are no visible signs of damage or stains.  Most of the items in the JLBs Unbuttoned on-line store will be Grade 2.

Grade 3

  • A piece that has been worn and washed multiple times.  Fabric likely has some fading and there may be minor imperfections like small spots or pulls.  The item is very wearable and any imperfections are minor.  

Grade 4

  • A piece that has been worn and washed many times.  There are obvious imperfections, small stains and pulls.  Any larger imperfections will be stated in the description

Vintage or Collectible

  • Reserved for unique finds and one of a kind garments.  Condition is variable and will be stated in the description.  This grade is applicable to those items where condition is not as important as the piece itself.